Kelvin's current performance finds its inspiration in many ancient disciplines, such as tai-chi chuan, African dances, kung-fu and tantric yoga. The result is simply full of emotion. This mysterious, intriguing and original artist has extensive experience in theater, film, martial arts and the arts of the circus.

Kelvin has studied martial arts and hatha yoga extensively, along with other related disciplines. An instructor in the arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Integrated Yoga, Kelvin balances the qualities of a good instructor as well as he embodies the charisma of a performing artist.

Half human, half animal, the exotic character created by Kelvin Gordon walks around the stage on all fours like a giraffe and contorts his 6' 1" 180 pound frame into a transparent 20 inch by 20 inch plexiglass box.

for booking info, tai chi chuan, kung-fu, and yoga workshops or private lessons contact:
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